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George Mercado and Vesta Realm .

George Mercado releases his highly anticipated album titled single,”Tex-Mex Cowboy”. The Texas native wrote every track on the album Tex-Mex Cowboy which was recorded by industry pros and friends, pushing this song’s limits with pure Country and Tex-Mex vibes that get you dancing.



Genre: Country
Release Date: Tuesday November 10, 2020
Single: Would I Do It Again
Label: Gold Man Records, 512.375.5711
Booking: AD Management, alduartejr@gmail.com, 512.826.6705
Media/Press: Jina Ink Publications, 210.772.2031, queenjinaink@gmail.com
George Mercado New Single Release
Gold Man Records Recording Artist Singer/Songwriter George Mercado creates original
song “Would I Do It Again”. Produced by Label owner Al Duarte with Omar Vallejo
owner of Award Winning 512 Studios located 2228 S, Lamar Blvd, Austin Texas 78704.
Original song honoring our service heroes with much pride we stand together.
Sometimes life's struggles and hard times with the Nations changes and real moments,
misplace our true heros. Asking the question “Would I do it again? Count me in, here I
am”. George captures your heart with a life story honoring our Nation's true heros and
our proud legacy of supporting our Country and Troops.
Recording musicians George Mercado (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Mike Sevilla
(Lead Guitar), Raul Hernandez (Bass, Acoustic Guitar), Greg McClendon (Fiddle),
Robert Espinosa (Drums), John Garza (Keyboard). www.GeorgeMercado.net
Special Thanks: Javier Lozano, Jonny Martinez, JP Munoz, Bob Marrota, Brandon
Sisneros, Texas Film Company, Jina Ink Productions
Gold Man Records
A new Independent Label Representing Texas’ finest musicians, bringing you music
and shows that generate excitement.
Gold Man Records has capitalized on the growing entertainment market across the
world through the production and promotion of high quality music and entertainment.
Located in Austin, Texas, the company has become highly successful motivating new
talents and developing original fresh music, recordings, products and live entertainment.

Al Duarte & Jina Ink

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