George M. Mercado born in San Marcos, Tx and raised in Austin, Tx. comes from a musical family.  At sixteen years of age he created his first rock band. he also formed a band called The Animo Tejano Band and he sang along the field with bands like Pio Trevino y Magic, Los Garcia Brothers, and Emilio in the early 2000s. 

He also formed a band called PLG BAND (Praise Love and Glory Band). George asks God to lead him as his instrument, that's the love he carries. He still sings with his choir band, doing what is in his heart as well as traditional country and traditional Tejano MUSIC with a little twist of everything in between. 
   The band musicians that perform with him are (Lead Guilar) Mike Savilla (Bass) Charles Rodriguez, (Fiddle) Greg McClendon (Drums) Sammy Gamino.
   His fan base gave him the name the Tex-Mex Cowboy, which he has proven to represent a strong Texan.  
He's been working with Jina Ink as his publicist since December 1, 2018 and now Jerry Avila with Primetime Music Entertainment as his manager. He has signed with Hacienda International Productions recording his first Album to be released in October of 2019.